Want to read on iBooks and Adobe with iPad without scrolling

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Hi all. As the subject line implies, I want to be able to open a book in iBooks or Adob e Reader and simply do a two-finger flick down to have the iPad read nonstop, without having to do the three-finger swipe left to flick each page. So far, this has not been working for me. I am having to scroll left at the end of each page with the three-finger flick. Is there a view mode I should be selecting, or any other tips? Thanks in advance.



Submitted by Sof on Monday, January 6, 2014

You should try SReader which you can find in the iOS app dir. It may suit your needs. Of course, for me, the best reader is Voice Dream Reader and it should also suit your needs as you can also use built-in iOs voice if you prefer them. hth

Submitted by Sof on Monday, January 6, 2014

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But it's strange that you have to do the 3 fingers to change pages. At least on my iPhone, if I swipe down with 2 fingers in iBooks, it reads non stop and pages are turned automatically. You just hear a slight beep on each page transition which could be irritating for some users. SReader doesn't do that since it doesn't use page concept.