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Hello all,
I am thinking of getting myself a VPN subscription. What is one that is accessible? I have seen mention of Private Internet Access but I am seeing some negative reviews on the App Store. Any advice will be appreciated.

Greg Wocher



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Friday, August 21, 2020

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Hi Greg,

I'd imagine you will get a handful of suggestion for a VPN service to use. If you are seeking for a pay service, I am currently using SurfShark as my go to VPN these days. Very accessible to use and I find the speed good. There are others great alternative that are in the top tier VPN services such as Nord and Express VPN. It will all be based in what you can afford.

Proton VPN does offer a free service with a limit of 500MB a day that you can also check out but as like with any other free services that it will be slower than the paid services. My other top choice of a free service is Windscribe VPN as this also offers a 10GB limit per month usage. Both apps are pretty accessible to use.

Good luck with your VPN hunt!

- AnonyMouse

Submitted by Mitchell on Friday, August 21, 2020

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This is awesome news, as there are a lot of on-video sponsorships for stuff like SurfShark. Happy to know that it's accessible.

Submitted by Pyro2790 on Friday, August 21, 2020

I have used Private Internet Access, Tor guard and now Express VPN. I am satisfied with Express VPN. It's not 100 percent accessible, but it is very usable. Additionally, you can get the extension for browsers such as chrome and Brave to be able to enable and disable the VPN as well as change locations.

Why I switched to Express is because they offer split tunneling. When I had P I A and tor Guard I was not able to split tunnel. That may have changed now in 2020 though I am not sure. All 3 are alright though. With Tor Guard it was a very long process for them to disable my account and the process was not accessible. It took about 5 times for me to explain to the System Admins that I could not click the Disable Account button because it was not accessible with screen readers.
It all depends on what your looking for features wise and how much you are willing to pay. Express VPN has more features, but is definitely on the more expensive end compared to others, but I would highly recommend it.

Additionally before signing up for one make sure you do research on them and look to see if they have had security breaches in the past. Some ones that are cheaper or free also fall under the front of data brokers and are probably selling off your browsing history to third party companies.

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