Volume Problem With Voice Over and AirPods in IOS 13

iOS and iPadOS

Concerning the volume problem when using Voice Over with Airpods, I have two questions. Is this fixed in IOS 13.1? I would think it would be OK to say because, with IOS 13.1 coming out on 9/24, the current beta release would be the Gold Master and, as I understand it, Apple is OK with the Gold Master being talked about on this sight. The other question I have is regarding the work around for the volume problem that was described in comment number 26 of the discussion thread on "The Accessibility Bugs Introduced and Resolved in iOS 13 for Blind and Low Vision Users". Does this work around work consistently and reliably? I use AirPods with Voice Over very frequently as part of my work and so this volume issue is a very big deal to me.