Voiceover volume problem

iOS & iPadOS
I am having a problem where when adjusting the volume on my phone if I have music playing, Voiceover says high volume, or at the low end, voiceover will not speak, but it will say screne locked when the screene locks. I have an I phone 4s, does anyone know why this could be happening? Its not a huge problem its just anoying, because when it says high volume, it says screene locked about 5 seconds later. A real downer when your training and listening to music. thank you for any help. Brandon



Submitted by Jimmy V on Monday, December 23, 2013

I have a 4s as well. Remember to control voiceovers volume, you need to press your volume buttons while voice over is speaking. Another trick I've found to solv this problem is, hold down your home button like your going to speak to siri, but when you here the beep to speak, instead of saying something, just flick left and right. Sometimes siri messes with voice over volume, so try it. I hope it works for you. Jimmy

Submitted by Callum on Monday, December 23, 2013

Maybe try selecting a song or playlist as normal, but before you lock the screen, turn VoiceOver off. This is what I do because the high volume and the screen locked thing winds me up as well. If you want to select another song or playlist just use siri or turn VoiceOver on to select what you want then turn it off again, and if you get any notifications, siri can read them as well. Hope this helps.