Voiceover is skipping elements on webpages

iOS and iPadOS

Hello. I am finding that voiceover is skipping certain elements on webpages, Such as certain search results on a Google page. This happens whatever method I use for navigation, including swiping right and left and keyboarding with theright and left arrows. I don't have the impression that the cursor is losing focus but simply that it is skipping elements. I am wondering if other people are experiencing this and if there is any work around. Also, is Apple aware of this problem? Thank you



Submitted by Dennis Westphal on Sunday, August 15, 2021

Yes I have experienced that behavior myself. But only when I am searching on Google. I sadly don't know what causes that or how to avoid it. Other than picking another search engine.

Thank you for the tip to use the desktop site for Google searches. Navigating Google search results has been a total pain since header navigation became so unreliable!