VoiceOver problems on iPad Air 4 running iOS 14.4

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I recently bought an ipad Air 4 (ios 14.4). Previously I used an ipad Air 3. The Air 4 has considerably more power so I was not expecting to run into serious new Voice Over problems. Problems are mostly with but not limited to safari. When loading pages from a site with a mixture of text, pictures and videos, VO will start to read the text ok but after a few lines will stop and Safari will completely lock up. After waiting about 20 seconds it will unlock but VO will be chopped up and unusable. I then give up and accept this web site is not accessible. On other apps VO will briefly hang up for a few secons. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?



Submitted by Cobbler on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Oh well, I figured that it was at least worth checking, as that setting can result in all kinds of Safari weirdness if enabled in conjunction with VoiceOver.

Here's hoping that people can offer up more suggestions.

Submitted by Geoff37 on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

I am thinking of doing a full reset via itunes on a PC. Grandson is a bit of a computer whizz so will get his help.