Voiceover Mind of Its Own

iOS and iPadOS

I have an iPod Touch 5th Generation and I am running iOS 8.02. I have the Accessibility shortcut of triple tapping the Home button to turn Voiceover on and off. Ever since loading iOS 8, there are times when I will hit Home once and I get the message "Voiceover off." If I triple tap Home again, it usually comes back on. Also, it sounds as if Voiceover turns on and off as some apps are loaded. I will hear "Voiceover off" the app will load and I will hear "Voiceover on."

The good news is that when triple tapping Home does not turn Voiceover on, I have been able to use SIRI to turn it on again.

Any ideas?



Submitted by Unregistered User (not verified) on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yes I have also been experiencing this. I have also noticed it while just moving around within app. In my case it almost always turns itself back on after 20 seconds or so. I just wait when it goes silent. The point that made me wonder what was going on is that when it goes silent, I will move around the screen to be sure nothing is speaking, and then wait. When it starts again I get a slew of output, just as though all the output that should have been spoken, and also all the clicks from screen movement, was buffered up and sent out. This makes no sense if voice over had been disabled during the silent movement time. I am really not sure what is causing this behavior.

Submitted by Usman on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Voice over on the mac will automatically activate when it crashes so I'm thinking voiceover is crashing and it is simply activating itself.