Voiceover issues with iPhone 11

iOS & iPadOS

Hello there, I just got an iPhone 11 and I love it, but I do not understand why voice over do not read the preview off the notifications on lock screen. It only Tells me where the notification is coming from. For example if I receive a text message, it says “messages,” but it won’t tell me from whom or what’s on the message’s preview. does anybody has an idea what can I do to fix this? I have try some stuff on settings likeHaving the alerts on voiceover settings on, having restarted the phone, ET see. Thank you in advance.



Submitted by Pepper Fox on Monday, April 12, 2021

Your phone has to be unlocked in order to read the content of notifications. This setting can be changed in settings>notifications and set ”show previews” to ”always”. keep in mind, doing this means that anybody will be able to simply glance at your phone and see all of your messages. I think the small convenience hit of having to unlock your phone is worth the added security, especially if you use biometrics.