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hi i know this isn't in the right catagory cause the nano doesn't have IOS on it. anyone got one? i've just got a 6th gen one and i can't figure out how to go back and find the homescreen with voiceover, on apples site it says double tap with 2 fingers and hold but when i do that it doesn't do anything. it just shows the player controls i'd selected a song before. amy



Submitted by matheus rheine on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi Amy! I've also got a 6th gen ipod nano, infact last week I even bought a case that turns it into a wrist watch, now if the ipod had external speakers it would be a complete watch, as well. but I'll use it when running.

Speaking of the home screen, you can go back to the previous screens by flicking right with two fingers. remember that with voiceover we can't change the orientation of the screen, so the volume buttons are located at theĀ  top left corner and the button to ssleep/wake is at the top right. so if for example you're listening to a song and want to go back you would have to flick right with two fingers a lot of times, try it and you will understand what I mean. I hope it works for you, good luck and all the best!

Submitted by David Woodbridge on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The way to go back to the Home screen on the iPod nano is to do a 1 finger double tap and hold. I.e. tap the screen twice with 1 finger, but keep your finger on the screen after the second tap. You'll hear a blip and focus will return to the Home screen.

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