VoiceOver on iPhone translate numbers to letters in my homebanking app

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Hi everyone

After the latest update of the app to my homebanking, now VoiceOver on my iPhone translate numbers to letters, e.g. when I read character by character, and if I lets VoiceOver read the informations on the hole screen.

The number 3.228,63 is translated to the text three thousand two hundred and twenty-eight comma six three.
If you look visually on the screen, and also take a Picture via the build in option, the number is written with numbers. My homebanking support has not heard about this problem before for sighted people.

1. Is there a feature in VoiceOver that can translate numbers to letters, if yes, how can I disable the feature?

2. Have other people here also heard about the same problem in other apps?

3. If there not is a feature in VoiceOver that can translate numbers to letters, is there so a code you as developer can write in aps, so VoiceOver translate numbers to letters?

I earlier has written to my homebank regarding better accessibility for users of VoiceOver in there apps, but I am not in the beta-testing team, so therefore I am not sure what they do for better accessibility until the app is released in the full version.

I have tried to change to another voice/language, but with the same result.

My iPhone is an iPhone 6, 64-GB, with iOS11.0.3 installed.

Thanks in advance for the answers, and have a nice day.



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