VoiceOver glitch with Apple Mail in iOS iPhone

iOS and iPadOS

Hello World! I freshly discovered a VoiceOver glitch with Apple Mail, but ONLY if you're a blind developer exchanging source code.
During VoiceOver's initial "forward scan" of text-based E-Mail content with embedded or inline source code of either the Swift or C programming languages, VoiceOver will announce something to the effect of "BUY module."
On a "repeat scan", VoiceOver reads the embedded source code as text.
When I received source code as embedded or inline text in Apple Mail, I originally thought I had to buy something from the Apple App Store! Luckily, the sender told me that I don't need to buy any modules!
This VoiceOver glitch in Apple Mail is NOT noticed when source code is not included inline.
My iPhone is running iOS 12.3.1 when I made this discovery. I'm not sure if it is noticeable with other iOS versions.
Have a Great Day, Everybody!