VoiceOver fixes in iOS 8

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Given all the discussion about what is broken in iOS 8, I decided to start a topic about what is actually working better in iOS 8 than it was in iOS 7. In spite of all the flaws, Apple did manage to fix some things in this new OS. I will list a few things I've noticed personally.

1. When navigating through a webpage in the past, VoiceOver would sometimes lose focus and jump to a different part of the page than expected, especially when navigating by headings or links. Near as I can tell, this issue appears to be fixed in iOS 8. I went to a couple different websites where I had the issue frequently under iOS 7, and I could not reproduce the bug when navigating the sites under iOS 8.

2. When a link has alt text associated with it, VoiceOver used to announce the alt text as part of the link text, for example, "Topic, sort by topic, link." Now, the alt text is no longer part of the link text, though it is still spoken as the VoiceOver hint for the link. Thus, VoiceOver now says, "Topic, link," then after a delay, "Sort by topic."

3. When going back to a previous page, VoiceOver focus is placed on the link you tapped to go to the page you just left, instead of returning to the top of the page. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work right, but when it does it is very convenient.

4. When turning my Bluetooth keyboard on and off, I now hear a whooshing sound effect from my iPad speakers, even if the device is locked. This makes it easier to know that the keyboard is actually turned off. Note that the sound is not heard immediately, but rather takes a couple of seconds to be heard, thanks to Bluetooth delays.

5. A small thing, but I can now triple-tap the Clear Section button in Notification Center to clear all notifications from an app. Before, I needed to perform two separate double-taps, because a triple-tap did not do the job.

What else have people noticed that is improved in iOS 8?



Submitted by alex wallis on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

thanks for that list, I didn't know about the Bluetooth sound, and its handy to know about the clear notification gesture.