VoiceOver echo

iOS & iPadOS
Hi. I'm using iPhone 5 with Voice over. The speed for VO on my phone is fastest 100 percent. The little bit problem I've been frustrated for is every time I'll write sms message, Facebook post etc, VO sounds in reapiting after each spelling. Why does it that? for example write the spell A, then I can hear that VO also repeat the same, maybe it sounds that VO is hanging up. I've restarted my iPhone now and then, and also VO by tripple-click at home-button but the problem is continuetly that same. Help me!



Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello! I am not shure if I understood you correctly, but Are you useing touch typing? If yes, then every time entering a character, Vo repeats it. So, if you slide your finger across the screen to find lets say letter d, then wehn your finger arrives on letter d, voiceover says d, and now you release the finger, it says d aswell, to indicate that this has now been entered to the text field. If you have pitch change enabled in settings, the second d should be slightly higher.