Voiceover Custem Vibrations. (the VibraLert)

iOS and iPadOS
With the popularity of audio input interfaces, like the Tascam IM2 and IXJ2, that also takeover iOS audio output in less headphones are availible, Voiceover Custem VibraLerts could be very helpful. Of course, other uses could also be found for the VibraLert, givin various types of situations. I have not yet submitted this thought to Apple, but I plan on doing so in the near future. For example, a custum VibraLert could be set to 1: let you know when the Vo curser was on an app on a page on your home screen. 2: let you know when the Vo curser was on cirtin buttons within an app so you could move forward with say, a recording. VibraLerts would have to bipass the no vibrate rule when a doc interface is plugged in, that iOS seams to have currently emplimented. I think VibraLerts could help a lot of people out in a lot of differing situations.