VoiceOver become slower when typing an iMessage

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Dear iDevice user, I have a question. My friend is iPhone 4S user running iOS 7.0.4. He told me that when he's typing an iMessage, the responds of VoiceOver become very slow, but if he's typing in another app, such as facebook, email, etc, the respond is normal. It has been happen since yesterday. He said that he already restart his iPhone, but the problem hasn't been fixed yet. Does anyone have the same problem? What should he does to fix it? Thanks in advance & your help is really appreciated. :)



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hi Andira I don't know to be exact what's wrong happens on this issue because after read your post above may be is neccesary more information about it. so since previous iOS releases long time ago using voiceOver become slower whenever need to whrite something but only I have seen this iOS bugs when some audio app has running on the background not matter what kind of audio format is it. and not matter what third party are you need to whrite. as faceboo, twitter or more. the solution to fix this bug is close all the apps who are opening or working on the background using the app switcher. Press double time and hold the Home button then release go to the bottom and look for the apps who are running using iOS7 use the voiceOver gestures to navegate flick left, flick right to backward and forware and 3 finger flick up to close the app. press home button to get out. you said who already reset the ioS device however if use iCloud or iTunes backUp it doesn't help because automatic use the last backUp but all the settings and data will back as before erase the device include apps running etc, etc, I hope this helps and please back to the forun if find the solution Thanks.

Submitted by Rafaela Freundt on Thursday, December 26, 2013

The same problem occurred with my iphone 4s some days ago. I did a full iphone restaur, not using the backup, and the problem got fixed.