Voiceover auto reading subtitle of Youtube videos

iOS and iPadOS

I know the native youtube app can play videos with subtitles,
Voiceover can locate it within the player,
but when voiceover focus is on the subtitle, if the subtitle changed, voiceover did not automatically speak the new subtitle and I have to pause the video and read the subtitle manually and replay the video.
I would like to know any anlternative way that can have voiceover auto read out those subtitle while the video is playing.

Any alternative video player suggested?
Or any alternative ways?



Submitted by Paul Martin on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Though i'm not 100 percent sure if this would impact the youtube videos themselves, this might be worth a look. in the voiceover verbosity settings, there's an entry at the bottom labeled media descriptions. As this implies, it controls how Voiceover handles the subtitles that appear in Videos. It has worked for me on both the native TV and Netflix movies.
A further note: I can no longer find the rotor entry for controling this in iOS 13, though it was once possible to do this in 12. Activities however should help if you want that behavior in one application but not another.

Submitted by Paul Martin on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thanks to a new feature in iOS 13, there may be a glimmer of hope. In Voiceover, you can now have areas of the screen watched. This from what I can surmise would automatically read the captions as they change. Have a visit to the Voiceover commands section to locate it. note you'll need to assign it some sort of invocation, be it touch or keyboard command.
As for weather it's a bug that Youtube isn't affected by this media description thing, I can't say with absolute certainty. From what I understood, 3rd-parties were able to query the state of that selection and act accordingly. perhaps seek Apple's or Youtube's support pagers or email addresses on this one?