Voicedream Apps That Will Help You A Lot

iOS & iPadOS

Hi there everyone. Today I will be telling you about 2 apps that can help imporve your life in the category of literature. These apps are for the Ios devices only. These apps are called Voicedream Reader and Voicedream Writer. You could do a lot of things in these apps. For example in Voicedream Reader you could download books from BookShare, several Rss Readers and several other books. You could get books in several formats. Make highlights throughout your books. Read books in Braille if you have a Braille Display and much more. In Voicedream Writer you could do so many things as well. You could write like pieces of writings. In particular you can write things in several formats, format the document in a simple way but in a detailed way as well, identify errors using the Proofreader built internally into the app, create documents in formats like Plain Text Txt, Rich Text Rtf and Microsoft Word Docx. In addition you could use dictation in creative way. As you dictate the Voice/reader will write and read what you've just said based on your settings in the app. Both of these apps aren't free but are worth a pay. If you buy the complete suit of these apps you get the Reader, Writer and some Voices right on your screen. If you buy these apps separately it would be about $43.00 but if you buy them together they come for $27.99. To learn more go to the website provided below. I hope you like these apps.