Voicecontrol and VoiceOver in Ios 14.5

iOS and iPadOS

Hello Everyone,
As perhaps you Know, Ios 14.5 introduced VoiceControl function in Spanish language as well, and so, I would like to try it. As some of h you, as English users perhaps have more experience, with that tool, I would like to know what about the coexistence between VoiceControl and VoiceOver, can they work well together, or it's better to switch off VoiceOver when we are using Voice Control?, in addition, if VoiceOver is actived, the gestures are different than if it's deactivated, isn't it?. And, as I only would like to try to show to the others, but not for my curretnly use, I wold like to know, if I can disisntall it or is enough if I deactivate it. Many thanks in advance for your answers and comments.