Voicebook VO Update - Version 1.01 Now Available in App Store

iOS & iPadOS
Hi All! Just a quick note to let you know that an update to Voicebook VO, the quick Facebook client designed for voice over users, has hit the store and soon be showing in your update list, if it's not there already. Following is the change log: This is mainly a maintenance release to address issues brought up from user feedback on version 1.00. Look for new features in the next update. + Setting to toggle auto-refresh on/off. Default is On * Posts with more than 2 comments now correctly show all comments * Changed all screens to use a "Cancel" button to support scrub gesture * Add Comment screen no loner reads "Add Status" * Added more detailed error reporting when communication with FB fails * Move to Top/Move to Bottom now work consistently regardless of sort order * Move to Top/Move to Bottom renamed to Move to Newest/Move to Oldest for clarity + User may now upgrade the app from the Actions menu even prior to the 30 day expiration * Corrected formatting issue when displaying the price of the app upgrade - Removed hint text on the edit box for the Post Status/Comment screen