Voicebook VO Update

iOS and iPadOS
Hi all… I'm Ben, the developer of the Voicebook VO app. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I need to make everyone aware of an issue. I have been working on an update that will address many of the concerns people have had with refreshing, number of comments, as well as some enhancements. Unfortunately, due to some "under-the-weather" days and an unforeseen Hardware issue, this release is a bit behind schedule. Being behind schedule, you will soon run into one of the bugs I hoped to fix before it became an issue. However, I will not be able to get the update through Apple's review process and into the store in time. The app will begin prompting you to purchase an upgrade when you with to post your status, like and item, or add a comment. When prompted, the price will not display correctly. The price is $1.99, and $1.99 is what will be charged if you make the purchase, but the screen will show you a mis-formatted string of numbers rather than this price. Please rest assured that only $1.99 is charged if you wish to make the purchase. I'd ask that folks help spread the word about this formatting glitch if and when people mention it. Also, know that you may continue to use the app for free if you are simply reading your newsfeed and related comments. I hope to have the Hardware issue resolved and the app updated soon. After these fixes, I've got some desired new functionality coming down the pick. Please visit www.activeinfosys.com to view the product roadmap. Thanks for your support! Ben