Voicebook is not working, please help!

iOS and iPadOS
Hi folks. I have tried to instal Voicebook on Iphone 4 , but I keep getting a kind of error. When I launch Voicebook I get the notification in a way that the app is designed for voiceover users when I click OK button Safari will just open, I am stuck at 80% of opening the facebook website or so and I cannot get any further. I am sure my internet connection is good because I do not have a problem with any other apps. Another thing I would like to ask how much is Voicebook? Thank you in advance for your help.



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Hi Maya, Voicebook costs $1.99 after the first 30 days if you want to use functionality other than reading your news feed. Regards, Michael