Voice Recorder app recommendations?

iOS and iPadOS


I'm trying to find a voice recorder app that does more than just record and
play back a recording like the "voice recorder" app that came with my Iphone.
I don't want a lot of bells and whistles and don't want to pay a fortune

I just twant to be able to append to an existing recorder, I.d. the recording and if possible organize the recordings. I don't care about performing speech to text so it can send a message or any of that stuff. I jus twant to make sure the app is accessible and works with voice over on my Iphone.

I am using an Iphone 3GS and running the IOS4 software.

I found an app called Echo Note in the app store that says it allows you to
append to notes. However i don't know if it's accessible or if it works with Voice Over and don't want to pay for something I'm not going to be able to use.

Can anyone on the site advise and make suggestions?





Submitted by Lucas Radaelli on Thursday, February 17, 2011

hey, I have bought this one: http://applevis.com/app-directory/productivity/list-recorder but do not buy it. The app is fully accessible, and coasts 0,99. the problem is you can just record 10 seconds. To record a bigger time, you have to make an app purchase, which coasts 7,99. So it means you will spend 8,99 just for a recorder? no way!!! - I regret buying the app. Of course I didn't buy the app in purchase. My friend is using this one: http://applevis.com/app-directory/productivity/voxie-pro-recorder and he says that it is very good.. I haven't tryed yet. Hope that it helps..

Submitted by Esther on Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hi Adam, Voxie Pro Recorder ($1.99), and listed in the App Directory, will let you append to an existing recording, name, and organize your recordings by categories (including creating custom categories), and is perfectly accessible with VoiceOver. I'll give you links to some posts that I wrote about Voxie over a year ago. The second post gives step by step instructions on appending to a recording and then naming it and filing it under a category, but it uses background concepts from the first (introductory) post. As a quick overview, I'll mention that you will want to use "Express" mode (4th of 5 buttons at the bottom of the screen) to record, which will let you start and stop your recordings by simply shaking your iPhone (a rising tone signals the start of recording; a falling tone tells you when it stops). By default, Voxie will open at the regular "Recorder" screen (1st of 5 buttons at the bottom of the screen), which would require you to flick to a "Record" button to start the recording and pause it, and further save the recording by double tapping an "Actions" button. You will likely want to configure the "Settings" (5th of 5 buttons at the bottom -- in the bottom right corner of the screen) in your first session so that the entry under "When Voice is launched, show:" is changed from "selected, New Recording" to either "List of Previous Recordings" (the most convenient selection if you want to frequently append to recordings instead of starting each recording as a new one) or "Express Mode". Linked posts: Tips for Using the Voxie Pro recording app on the iPhone/iPod Touch, Part I (overview and general layout; transferring recordings through the web interface) • Tips for Using the Voxie Pro recording app on the iPhone/iPod Touch, Part 2 (appending, naming, and categorizing recordings) • Voxie Pro Recorder -- how to delete recordings

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