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A couple of V O queries. Am I right to assume that the voice marked as the "Default" voice in the Language Roter is the premium voice? And, I understand you can change your premium voice, but I've read and followed Holly's post offering advice on this from April 6th and it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone shed some light on what I may be doing wrong? Many thanks.



Submitted by mehgcap on Saturday, September 22, 2012

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How long have you been using the device? You can toggle the compact voice option all you want, but until the phone downloads the premium voice (something I believe it only does over wifi) you will have the compact version no matter what. So, what might be going on is that what you are hearing is the compact voice and your copy of the premium voice is simply not downloaded yet.

Its an Ipod Touch 4th Generation, and Ive been using it for a good while. Certainly long enough for downloads to have occured. Perhaps Newbie isn't quite right, but I'm certainly far from proficient! Also, I now see that since iOS6 has been installed, changes made with the Language Roter simply do not stick after the device has been turned off and on. Just reverts to the default voice time aftrer time! Most infuriating.

Hello, I'm not a new user but this was pointed out to me when I had VO compact voice issues after downloading IOS 6. You need to plug in your device, over wifi, and let it sit there for a minimum of 20 minutes after the download of IOS 6 in order for the premium voice to download to your device. I had to do this and it worked just fine. I had the crappy compact voice on my phone after IOS 6 install, but placed the phone on my charger for 45 minutes and come back to it and the premium voice was back! Worked like a charm. As far as the other voices...not sticking after a restart...that is a bug that needs to get fixed. -Andrew-