Voice over problems in latest ios8))

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all
I have an ipad4, ipad mini and iphone5 all on ios8.1.2. I have had nothing but trouble witth voice over since installing ios8,even tried factory reset several times but all my devices have exactly same issues.i mainly use safari and mail. The problems are numerous but main issues are safari freezing randomly, although i can replicate the lock up on certain web pages. Buttons and links can require several taps or may require voice switched off to work. Pages often reload. Focus jumps around particularly reading pdf text when reader can jump several pages back or just suddenly stop reading. Swipe up down stops working or swipe down actually swipes up.
Mail program slow to respond and some emails cause lock up or sleep for several minutes.
Keyboard sometimes sluggish. When returning to home screen it may be unresponsive for several seconds or may need voice turned off and on to start working again.
I have reported several times to apple accessibility. my ipads have become lazy, clunky and difficult to use. It is particularly difficult to navigate around web sites such as this one.
I tried an android jelly bean tablet about a year ago but i did not like the way talk bacck only reads the touched area once does anyone have experience with talk back on later versions of android? .