voice over and how to close an app in iOS 7.0.4 questions

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Okay, I did actually upgrade my I-pod 5g touch to the IOS 7.4. Is it just me or is the voice quality in this version for voice over rather poor? Is there a way to improve the voice or are there other voices that can be found and downloaded that will work on an I-pod that are accessible? question 2: I know that even though I hit the home button the app is now off the screen but it is still open and running in the background. Is there a way to list your open apps and truly close them? I was told this a new feature in version 7.4, but no one told me how to do it. Thanks to all for the help



Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hi there! I just got my first IOS device ever in October: an IPhone 5S, so I have no ideas regarding your first question. I can, however, answer your second question. To access the list of open apps, hit your home button twice. Then, you can swipe through the list of open apps and close the ones you want to close by swiping up with three fingers. Good luck, and I hope this helps! Missy

Okay, this really helps for that question. If anyone else that reads this has upgraded from version 6 to 7.4 or something like that, does the voice seem flatter or lost some of its clarity?

Hello there, Since upgrading, your IOS device probably has not downloaded the high quality voice yet. What you need to do is make sure all your apps are closed and your I-phone is locked, on wi-fi and plugged in to charge. Leave it this way, plugged in for at least 15-20 minutes, or over night if your charge is low. It will download the high quality voice and then you will be good to go. -Andrew-

Hi there, I just wanted to make you aware of an alternative method for closing applications. This is a way to close your apps while only using one hand. Start by pressing your home button twice to get to the App switcher. as you swipe through the list of open apps you can swipe up or down to change the action you would like to perform on the app. This is actually quite similar to when you are deleting text messages (or just iMessages if you are using an iPod) When you first enter the app switcher the default action for each app is to open it, however, swiping up or down will change the action to closing the app. After you have swiped up or down to the desired action you just double tap the app in question. It's also worth noting that once you have swiped down on one app to close it that will remain the default action as you move through the list of apps. It's important to remember that if you aren't looking to close all of your apps that after you've closed the ones you wish to close and you get to the one you would like to open swipe up or down to change the action back to "activate item" I hope this isn't too confusing :) Please feel free to ask for clarification. Be well, Greg

Hi there, It's also worth noting, that you can do the same with the 3 finger swipe up on the screen, find the app you want to close, and swipe up with 3 fingers. Also, for the voices,you can download separate voices for a particular language. For example, in english voices, you can download the premium voices for US, UK, Australian, etc. But, only those voices for your particular language. You get 5 dialects for english. I hope this also helps and take care.