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Is there a way to have a voice mail message automatically play through the speaker instead of you having to swipe to the speaker button while the message is playing? I say this because some messages are easier to hear on speaker than the ear piece.



Submitted by peter on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Yes, listening to VoiceMail on my iPhone 6 is a real nuisance when using VoiceOver. I've complained to Apple Accessibility about how this works (or doesn't), but I don't think they really understood what I was talking about.

Basically, if there is only one VoiceMail on your phone, the Speaker button doesn't appear until you start listening to the message. Since the volume of voice mail is often low one wants to turn on the speaker. However, if you take the phone aways from your ear and start swiping to find the Speaker button, but the time you turn the speaker on, half the message has already played.

I would really like to see this feature work similar to how the speaker works when answering a call or calling someone. In that case, if you hold the phone away from your ear the phone automatically switches to speaker without having to swipe around to find the Speaker button.

Maybe some others can write to Apple Accessibility and clarify the problem with listening to VoiceMail when using VoiceOver. This is one of my biggest frustrations with using the phone as a phone. Hopefully something can be done about this some day.