Voice Dream Reader and audiobooks, keep getting an error

iOS and iPadOS

So I recently started using voicedream to read my extensive collection of ripped audiobooks. However I'm running into a problem.
I'm using file browser to copy the folder over. This particular folder I decided to throw a few books together and I'm not sure if voicedream isn't liking the order of the files, the file names or what but every time I add the zip file that I use file browser to create it comes up with an error. It's also claiming, despite the files being all mp3, that the book is daisy (it isn't).
I'm so utterly confused and frustrated right now. I also forget if the files all have to be inside the zip file or if there needs to be a folder inside there as well.
As far as that goes, is there any other file browser (similar to what I'm using) that can export folders to other apps and has a better playback interface? I really, really liked the way voicedream had it laid out - in particular using a headsets next and previous track buttons to fast forward and rewind audio rather than literally going to the next and previous track. File browser doesn't allow me to do that. But if it's going to be this picky about what's inside a zip file I'd like to find an alternative player sooner rather than later.