Voice Cam free for iPhone and iPad

iOS and iPadOS

Hi to All,
the app Voice Cam for Blind is free for a limited time!
More info at http://www.infogp.net/app-per-non-vedenti/
Gian Piero



Submitted by venova on Saturday, October 1, 2016

I just tried it. I think it is very useful even though I speak swedish because it reads that too even though it is with english voice and I can understand that and many instructions on things are in english and so I can read that. Thanks for letting me try it.

Submitted by Gian Piero Gigli on Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hi Sabrina, thanks for your feedback. In the future I hope to update the app with other languages.
My aim is to be able to meaningfully contribute to society through technology so as to– even in a small way– create a positive impact on people’s lives.
Now my effort is to build MUSICAL EYE, a Touchless App where you can controls the iPhone and iPad with the eyes.
The App designed for people with impairments that prevent them from using their hands and arms.
Here the details http://www.infogp.net/apps-for-disabled/
Have a nice day!