VO taking a long time to start reading

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iOS & iPadOS

I’ve noticed that VO sometimes takes a while, up to a couple of minutes, to start reading after using the read all command. It seems to happen most often in Safari, especially with long articles. If I try to interrupt it with another command, I’ll get the VO sounds but no speech, and the only way to fix it is to turn VO off and back on. If I leave it alone, it’ll eventually start reading, but if I interrupt the reading with any kind of navigation command (if I want to go back and reread the previous paragraph, for instance), the cursor will jump to the start or end of the article, whereas normally the cursor would be roughly at the point it was currently reading. It’s as though it’s processing the whole document before reading instead of reading it bit by bit. I’ve also notice that occasionally it’ll erroneously report normal text as links, or fail to report links, when it’s reading like this. I’ve been having this issue since iOS 13.4. Anyone else having the same issue?


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