Virtual payment deleted, again, for apple pay

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all. I posted a week or so ago, but this happened again. My virtual card was removed from Apple Pay without me even doing anything. I did the following steps this morning.
1. Removed Itunes payment method.
2. Looked, the "Wallet" never had my details on file.
3. Added the payment method to the wallet first.
4. Eventually added the method back to ITunes using the Mac. The phone was cranky, I don't think I gave it coffee yet. ;)
5. I know that Apple puts a temporary hold on your card, i'm ok with that. Except when I selected "None", that's whent he charge showed up, not when I readded the same card. If anyone can comment, if I've done this right, I'd appreciate it. someone did, so I hope you respond again. Thanks for the help.



Submitted by thunderhorse82 on Saturday, December 3, 2016

Yes, what you did all seems correct to me. I don’t know why it would disappear on you, that is odd. The only time it did so on me was when I had to re-calibrate my Touch ID.