Virtual newspaper stand

iOS and iPadOS

A new beautiful app for reading the news is on App Store.
Virtual newspaper stand is created by Aurel Calin Muth.
here you can gat all the RSS feeds with which you can create custom newspaper every day.
You can download it on App Store…
Please, tell me what do you think!



Submitted by gregg on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The app reads the main portion of the feed well. If there is additional material such as comments, they are ignored. For example, the comments under the read more in the feed link on this site. This is like an article continuation link.
A bug. After entering the feed url and saving it and creating the newspaper does not appear under newspapers until after the app is exited and restarted. Using voiceover.
Finally a suggestion. Most rss readers place the http:// in the search editbox.
The voice and the read aloud works very well. For a new app you have done good.
To test out the link on this site enter