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Hello everyone,. I was listening to a recent podcast demonstrating how to share lyrics and audio clips in Apple music. The thing is, i just can't figure out why my phone isn't letting me view full song lyrics, so i can then go ahead and share them. As demonstrated, voiceover also tells me the lyrics button in the now playing screen is selected, but nowhere will it read me the lyrics. There is a "view full lyrics" option in the more screen which i tried double-tapping, but to no avail; still no lyrics. Just wondering if anyone might have any suggestions what i might try? I will certainly enjoy using this feature once i know what i'm doing. Perhaps i should add, in case it's relevant, i'm using an iPhone SE2020 running the latest IOS. Thank you for any advice.



Submitted by tripolice on Monday, May 31, 2021


First, ensure that lyrics are actually available for the given song. The Lyrics button should not be dimmed.

Second, the button should be announced as selected. If not, double tap on the button. Thereafter, either explore the screen (start placing the finger on the middle of the screen), or first go to the top of the page (four finger tap at the top) and keep flicking right till you find the words. Generally the lyrics region is after the artist's name and the More option while flicking with VO.

exact line which is being played will be announced as selected. Double tapping on any line of the lyrics will play the song from that specific point. Tripple tap will act like tap and hold to share the lines, as described in the podcast.


Submitted by rachel on Monday, May 31, 2021

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Hi. Sadly this is exactly what i was doing, but the lyrics are not being read, regardless of me moving around the screen. Thank you anyway. I might have to wait for someone who knows how to do this to physically show me.

Submitted by zeirus-fr on Monday, May 31, 2021

There is a very simple way to find and study lyrics.
Use Internet browser.
If you know the song name, i think, you can find lyrics very simply.