Viewing and editing multi-line text notes

iOS and iPadOS
I'm trying to find an app that will allow me to read, and possibly edit, multi-line notes on my iPhone. The problem is that all the apps I've tried group all the text into one single "spoken" block, and so it is not possible to read the text line-by-line; instead they read *all* the text in one swipe. The apps I've tried include the built-in Notes app, DropText, DropBox, SimpleNote, PlainText, Notesy and probably some others I've forgotten. yes, it would be possible to read the text word-by-word but that's not really a very satisfactory method. Two apps I've found that come close are NoteMaster, which stores its notes in DocX format and won't read text files, and the other is OneNote, which does let me read them line-by-line but editing seems a problem. I know that there are probably workarounds that people have used, but I'm hoping that someone knows an app that allows good access to a text note. Not asking too much, is it! Thanks



Submitted by Amanda M on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hi. I was looking for an app with more streamlined accessibility than Nebulous Notes, and I came across the app directory entry for Elements. Since it's free, I downloaded it right away and am loving it. I imported a note into Elements from my Dropbox account that I originally created on my PC as an RTF file. I can flick through the text line by line using the left and right flicks, so there's no tedium of changing the rotor seting just because I want to read a line, word or character. this is the only file I've used with Elements yest, having just installed it a few minutes ago. But I saw your request for suggestions under the related content section and thought I'd pass this info along. HTH!

Submitted by Brian on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just been searching myself, now 2014 April, and surely someone knows of a good app that has the bells/whistles of a handy editable app for the IOS devices, that syncs to drop-box so as to allow Windows access from MS word or any laptop text editor too. Anything like evernote witht he mass of features there, but accessible and allowing editable lists, notes, list building to be done on the fly with my I-phone would be greatly welcome if anyone can recommend something. Bri

Submitted by LaBoheme on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the text is spoken in one block because there is no proper format, i.e., line break, carriage return, etc. if you move your finger from top to bottom or bottom to top, you can read line by line easily. sometimes it is advantageous to stop flicking for a while and enjoy the touch screen for its beauty.

Submitted by LaBoheme on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

you can edit text using this method, too. find the line you need using the above method, then use either the word or character rotor to find the exact spot.

Submitted by LucasWing on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Notescroll could solve your problem.
Notescroll is a fast and easy to use note-taking app syncing with Dropbox and Box.
It brings the way you browsing all your notes exactly like iBook, even containing table of contents and page numbers.
And it is excellent at editing long notes.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hello LucasWing:

I just tried to use this app but found I had some problems. I assume you are a VoiceOver user? If so, how successful have you been in using the NoteScroll app? The app description is just what I have been looking for but the practical uses of the app leaves a lot to be desired so far, at least. Any helpful hints in using the app would be appreciated.