Video editing frustrations

iOS & iPadOS

So I’ve been interested in recording and sharing more video content these days but I’m running into accessibility hurdles at every step of the way. I have the iPhone SE 2020 and the latest version of iOS. Even trying to edit a video clip that I took in the native iOS photo zapped proved excruciating. I couldn’t figure out how to scroll through the video. There is a control that voiceover announces as a scrubber but it doesn’t respond to flicking up and down like I would expect. I was able to trim the beginning of the video to my liking, but trying to trim the end of the video was very difficult because every time I adjusted the trim control for the ending, video playback starts from the very beginning. With no way to advance playback to near the end so I can decide where to cut it off, it was a tedious game of trial and error.
No problem, I thought. I’ve heard other users mention the iMovie app so I decided to give that a shot. The situation was even worse here. I was able to import a clip into a new project, but no editing controls whatsoever were announced by voiceover for trimming the clip. Double tapping on the clip sometimes caused trim controls to appear, but other times it did not. When they did appear, I still found them unresponsive with voiceover. As a result, I quickly abandoned iMovie.
Finally I thought, OK – since I’ll be posting this on Instagram anyway, maybe the video editing facilities of the Instagram app are accessible. After all, Facebook seems to have been more focused on accessibility lately, so I gave it a shot. This was an absolute nonstarter. Even trying to record a video from scratch using Instagram was difficult, as double tapping on the record button does nothing. Anyway, as you can see, I’ve had a frustrating and discouraging experience with something that should be simple, and I don’t know what else to try.
Some of this could be user error, as maybe there are tricks or secrets to getting these apps to behave properly that I’m just not aware of. I suspect that many of you may use third-party apps to achieve your video editing goals. In either event, I would welcome any suggestions you might have. It’s sad to me that Apple can’t get this right. I must say, as of late, Microsoft is running circles around Apple in terms of accessibility.