The vibration patterns changed, am I the only one?

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Hi all. Has anyone noticed that the Sticato and accent vibration patterns have changed? The sticato one, pauses before the second buzz, the accent, again a milisecond of a pause. Now, when a text message comes it, it used to be rapid fire, but now, buzz, pause, buzz. Not, buzz, buzz. I realize I can't convey the actual feeling, no pun intended behind this. It just for some stupid reason, I don't like what they've done. Has anyone else noticed, or am i just being crazy? I hope they fix it.



Submitted by Adrian Wyka on Thursday, December 14, 2017

you are not crazy.
I installed iOS 11.2 and it happens exactly the same in my case.
I had my own vibrations created.
3 long interrupted vibrations. They were equal in length.
After installing the new system, the middle is broken.
The interesting thing is that when the vibrations are created again, it works correctly.

I will add that in iOS 11.2 you have to turn off VoiceOver to create your own vibration, because the field for editing vibrations does not work.
I hope I described it well.

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