Very anoying issues in main Twitter app since IOS 15

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Hi guys,

as the subject says, I notice some very anoying issues in the main Twitter app since updating to IOS 15.
The first one applies the three finger gesture. If I open the main Twitter app on my phone, I usually do the three finger gesture, to check the new amount of incommed Tweets. It's an easy way to have a imagination of your Timeline. I don't know how most of you navigate though your Timeline, but for me it's a vital feature to know, what was happening during my absence on Twitter.
But since I updated to IOS 15, the gesture is no more working reliable.
Iwant to explain that a little bit: for Ex. when you did the three finger gesture Voiceover said: "line 200 of 400." that meant that 200 Tweets has been tweeted into your Timeline since you've left the Twitter app.
Since IOS 15, this is no more the case. If you now do the three finger gesture Voiceover only says "group"
I wrote to the Apple accesibility team because the issues occured after I updated my device.
Unfortunately they couldn't reproduce the issue. They told me in their reply that they tested this behavior and couldn't find any problem. Very strange, am I the only one, which get this anoying VO reaction? Have I set something wrong in my settings?
Note: I've never activated this so-called group navigation.
The second little issue is the missing of the "more Tweets" button.
I think Twitter only show the last 400 Tweets. For Ex you were been to busy to check your Timeline, the more tweets button could show you more of your missed tweets. I don't know it's VO fail, or Twitter removed the button, but also very anoying.
I hope I've explained it understandable and someone could also reproduce some of that, Apple themselve couldn't.
Iuse an iPhone 12 Pro which runs IOS 15.01.



Submitted by Mister Kayne on Friday, October 8, 2021

I agree there are some issues with the application. I was not aware about the gesture you spoke about. However, when I used to tap on the notifications tab. The focus of voice over used to directly go to the heading that said notifications. This is not happening as of iOS 15. I don’t think that is an accessibility issue with iOS perhaps Twitter needs to be checked with also

Submitted by Yvonnezed on Friday, October 8, 2021

Well, I'm not sure about the more button, I'm sure I've used it recently and it still seems to be there.

As for the three finger thing, at least on my iPad it does still work. Unfortunately, what it does now is read the word group, the entire tweet you're on, then the position of the tweet. In other words, you need patience to get that info.

After updating to the new Twitter version, the more Tweets button seems to be returned.
Also tried your three finger gesture advice and indeed, after the entire Tweet has been read by VO, the line number gets announced.
Same behavior on the classic home screen, if you want to know the position of an app. It's definetilly an IOS issue, it appears independent from Twitter.
But why the hell they couldn't reproduce it? It's absolutely anoying and very unhelpful!