vertical swipes adjusting voiceover speech rate in apps rather than navigating them as normal.... please help

iOS & iPadOS

Hello all.

I'm a long-time follower of this site and this is the first topic I've brought up as a problem I'm having. With my ipad, which I don't remember the model but has the latest IOs system on it, all of a sudden last night it changed in some weird way and now whenever I am in an app and slide my single-finger vertically, the speech rate of voiceover changes rather than the other effects it used to have, such as navigating the pages. Both in Curious and Godville it does this and it started without any updates or changes to any of these things. I did not get a IOS update and the apps themselves did not change.

The single-finger vertical swipes work normally in Safari and on the home page, but not in apps for some reason.

I've tried the following.

1. restarting the apps
2. turning off and reactivating voiceover.
3. going in and out of settings
4. turning my ipad on and off.

also all the other swipes and taps I know still work normally.

If anyone knows why my ipad is doing this and how I can get single-finger vertical swipes back to normal, please tell me.

Thank you in advance.




Submitted by Sasha Stride on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hello. Are you using the rotor, because this can be set using the rotor. It might be this. To change this just turn two fingers on the screen like turning a knob. Hope this helps.

Submitted by Bookrage on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thanks dude, that fixed it. I didn't know about the rotar part of it and so I thought something was eriously wrong with it. I dropped it last night when the cat I'm sitting for bit me. I think it landed face-down but it didn't land hard and I thought it was fine. But perhaps the knob got turned, thanks for all that.