Using Syri to name that tune for music playing on iPhone broke when upgraded to 9.2

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I currently have an iPhone 6s plus running iOS 9.2. I use amazon music and pandora to stream music from my iPhone and before I upgraded from 9.1 to 9.2 I was able to go:
Hey Syri
wait a second.... then ask "what song is this?"
a few seconds later he would answer with something like "I believe this is Electrify by the Beastie Boys."
Now, since I have upgraded to 9.2 when I go:
Hey Syri
I wait a few seconds.... then ask "what song is this?"
Instead of Syri giving me the name of the song he says variations on "let me listen a sec" or something like that. I wait a few seconds ... then he says "Sorry Melissa, I don't know that song."
What I have done:
I tested the name that tune option with an outside source (my sister's phone playing music) and it worked fine.
I uninstalled, reinstalled both amazon music & pandora.
I restored my iPhone last night from a backup I had done in October (long story there.)
Everything else that I have asked Syri to do works fine, just that bit is broke and the only thing I can think of is that it broke when I upgraded to 9.2. The little bit of researching I did tells me that it should be working the way I used to use it.

Any suggestions?



Submitted by Melissa on Monday, December 14, 2015

So ... I rolled back my version of iOS to 9.1, opened pandora, asked Syri what song it was, and he responded with the info right away.
Is no one else having this sort of issue? Or am I the only lucky person to get this to happen?