Using Sky Plus App On iPhone 4S

iOS & iPadOS
Can someone out there, using Sky Plus app for IOS devices, please give me some tips on itsuse? I open the app, find a programme which I wish to record. Do I then merely double tap the programme (I'm using Voiceover), or do I need to do something else? Many Thanks.



Submitted by amyg90 on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

hi, i'm using the sky plus ap i love it. ok what you do is you select your program double tap on it and search around til you find the record button. double tap that and it'll come up with a dialogue asking if you want to record it once or the hole series. double tap the option you want and it'll send a request to your sky box. you can also add channels to your favourites by going into the settings and edit favourites and then you have to select the channels you want from a huge list, when you double tap on the channels it doesn't say weather their selected or not but they are. when you go into your favourites next time it'll display what's coming up on your channels. hope this helps. amy x