Using Seeing AI Handwriting Channel to Identify Items

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Hi everyone
I want to share with you a tip for using Seeing AI to identify products, which I discovered while playing around with the app.
We have many tools to help us identify products including Tap Tap See, Eye-D, Be My Eyes and Seeing AI to name just a few.
As you know, we can identify products with Seeing AI using the Short Text and Document channels to read the text on the item, or the Product channel to find and read the barcode. These work great for some items. However, I discovered that the Handwriting channel can be surprisingly helpful in identifying items.
Many products have stylized text that the Short Text and Document modes will not read. These include, for example, any item with a brand name, CDs or Albums. However, if you take a picture of the item using the Handwriting mode, the app will almost always give you enough information to identify the item. When you take the picture, Seeing AI may read a small segment of the identified text. However, if you touch near the top of the screen, you will usually find more complete information, which you can swipe to read as you would with any other text. Give it a try and you may be surprised how useful this is. I have used it to identify soft drink and beer cans, various packaged food items, Keurig coffee K-cups, and record albums. It is quicker than using Be My Eyes.
Hope this helps.



Submitted by BlackCat on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I tested your advice using Seeing AI's handwriting feature and it works like a charm. The 1 container was a breakfast cerial box and the name is Kellogg's. This word is stylish writing. Seeing AI reads it %100 plus other info: 500gram, 18 meals, add water etc. etc. Amazing and a bit of good news during this sad times we all are living in.
Thanks for sharing. Stay safe. Stay healthy

Submitted by Roj on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Thanks for the tip. I tried it and was quickly able to identify the flavor of a brownie purchased from QVC which I had previously been unable to identify using the short text option. Since these items don't have a product code, this now gives me an extra trick to identify individual items.

Submitted by Macky on Friday, April 10, 2020

A great find, thank you for posting. I’ve managed to recognise some cds the short text couldn’t get