Using Pages On IOS Device

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I am using Pages on an iPhone 4S with Voiceover. When I load a WORD document into the application, Voiceover seems to indicate that successive pages, in the document, are side by side and I need to swipe right to move from page to page. The issue is that I may have 2 or 3 pages displayed, which I can navigate fine, however, where my document is lengthy, I have trouble navigating to later pages, which do not appear to be visible on-screen. Are there any buttons, which are possibly not labelled, for moving to later pages? When I'm in a particular page, flicking down reads the content just fine, however, when I hit the bottom of the page, I seem to need to flick right to move to the next page. Does anyone out there, who uses Pages with lengthy WORD documents, have suggestions? Is there any way to be able to read continuously in Pages, i.e. just keep flicking down until the bottom of the entire document is reached? Many thanks for any help given.



Submitted by billip on Friday, June 1, 2012

If you go to the bottom of the area you can reach in your document and then do a two finger flick down, what happens? I don't have Pages to try out anything on an iDevice, but I wish I could help more.