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Hi Guys Okay, so after considering my options, i've decided that education isn't my thing :). So I am looking to get an iPad for browsing and making general notes using the notes app built in. The most i'll probs use it for is taking notes at work when working with clients etc... So I was wondering if anyone can recomend a good bluetooth keyboard, that can be attached to the iPad in one case. Ideally, I would like the letters F and J on the keyboard to be marked :). I did consider a mac, but seeing as im no longer in education, and I have a shared computer at home, theres no point in me investing so much when the iPad will work for me, all I need is a bluetooth keyboard that is easy to carry around and manage with the iPad. I do have an iPhone and yes I could use that to take notes, but that takes up battery power and I gather that the iPad 3 is more efficient at browsing and has a faster processor. Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks :)



Submitted by Nafisah on Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello, one thing you could get is a keyboard case for the iPad. I acquired one on the weekend; it's a Belcan keyboard case for the iPad. My apologies for misspellings of these product names. This case allows the iPad to stand at an angle for better viewing in the portrait orientation. On the top of the keyboard are dedicated keys for controlling various functions of the iPad, including playing, pausing, stopping, rewinding or fast-forwarding music, picture frame, projector, decreasing and increasing brightness, and so on. The keyboard is waterproof and its keys feel rubbery to the touch, but they are easy to distinguish from one another. There are marks on the F and J keys. There is a dedicated home key as well as a lock-unlock key. The keys are quite quiet when pressed. The case, itself, is made of faux leather and firmly holds the iPad. It resembles a book. I must apologize for making this post sound like a detailed review of an accessory. That really was not my intention. I am still getting used to this case myself. Alternatively, there is the Zagg folio for iPad which is more customizable than the one I have described, but it is also expensive, close to $100. And there is also the iKey30 wired keyboard for iPad from Macally's. It's a keyboard with the same keys as the case I described, but it connects to the iPad's dock or charging port in order to be used, and comes with a stand, not a protective case. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Hi Nafisa Thanks for your reply. Do you know where I can get a belkin keyboardcase from? and how much does it cost roughly? Im in the UK, so obv the pricing will be slightly differet, but if u can tell me in Dollars, then I shud get a rough idea... Thanks :) Belkin products are gud and don't worry about spelling etc... and thanks for the detailed information :D x.

Submitted by Fleet on Monday, July 9, 2012

I just bought the Logitech keyboard case. This is a snap-on hard case that protects the front of the iPad. It also acts as a smart cover. When you snap the iPad out of the case, you can prop the iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation inside a groove behind the keyboard. This is not a stable enough connection that I would recommend using it in transit, but it works great on my kitchen table. This keyboard has dedicated keys for play/pause, volume, etc. The keys are chic let style and I like their travel. The F and J keys are clearly marked. This keyboard has a hard on/off switch and charges via Micro USB.

Hi, I tend to use my iPad at work with the Bluetooth keyboard case for taking notes just as you described. To keep things a bit transferable between devices/computers I tend to use dropbox, dropvox (simple recording app), and drop text (to save text notes to dropbox. I also have an iPHone, but I find my work flow is better if I try and keep my iPhone and iPads separate at work.

Hi, I think a better option would be the Zagg folio keyboard case for iPad. It usually retails for around $99 US. I'm finding the keys on this Belkan case to be somewhat of an inconvenience. For me, they seem difficult to press. I'm planning to get the Zagg. You can also remove the keyboard from the Zagg case, unlike Belkan's. you might be able to find Zagg for less if you look on eBay, I saw a few listings there for less than the retail price. Hope this helps.