Using BlindSquare with Apple Maps

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Hey, guys.

Are there any good tutorials out there geared toward complete newbies/non-techies that describe how to use BlindSquare in combination with the turn-by-turn directions you get from Apple Maps to find particular places? Say, you're looking for your city park. I'm looking for a tutorial that describes how I would use BlindSquare and Apple Maps together to get there, especially if I don't know all of what's around me or even the intersection names/where they are.




Submitted by BarryD on Friday, May 31, 2019

When using BlindSquare “Plan a Route”, if I choose Apple maps for turn by turn directions I get No spoken directions.
Spoken walking directions work fine if I choose Google maps, or if I use Apple Maps without BlindSquare, so it can’t be my iPhone.
My problem is only when starting Apple Maps from BlindSquare.
Does anyone else have this problem?
Can you tell me how to get product support for BlindSquare?
Thanks for any help, Barry.

I used to have the opposite problem, being that google wouldn't talk but Apple would. I have something else I have to tend to, but let me see if I can test this before end of day. If this is in fact a BlindSquare issue, I would recommend sending feedback to them, which of course I'll do should I find it to be a problem. stay tuned.