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Hi all, I hope someone could help me here, I don't have access to wifi, and try very hard to update to I O S six via ITunes. But I just don't manage. The network connection time out or something like that. I don't no, I tryed to put off my firewall, I tryed to make sure that ITunes, Apple software update, and the IPod service are all allowed fru the firewall. And as far as I no my virus program don't interfear with any of my software, and I con't seem to be able to switch it off either. I forgot the code ITunes gave me in the errir box, but its not one of the commin codes wich they use to provide solutions about on the apple site. Any ideas? I did run the ITunes diagnostics tool several times and most connections are successfull, except when connecting to the update surver. Its very strange to me, as I manage to update my nano last year when the latest update came out. I use a broughtband modem, but the diagnostics tool says I use lan, I don't get that either. Maybe that have something to do with the way my connection software is configured. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't manage to get to apple support, and the local guys where I am are very dum and useless.



Submitted by Siobhan on Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hi. first of all Lan just means are you using a local netowrk, like a cable from your modem to connect, or like I am,are you using a wireless card. The fact you don't have wifi shouldn't really be a problem. I know the iTunes store on my phone and iPad have had issues, I wonder if that could be the issue. When was the last time you updated? also have you googles this? here's a tip: put commas in between your words, iPod, not updating, no wifi, iTunes error, like that. I'm sorry I can't be of any more help then that.

Wel, I use a USB modem wich is plugged in directly in one of the USB ports. No cable. I wish I could use the store on the device, or update via wifi, as that works wel, but rite now I con't. I'm not generally good with google things accurately but I could try. I did check the apple site though.