Updating credit card information for I-cloud or appstore

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Hi all,

After a year of absence on the I O s plathform I god hold of a second hand I-phone 5S.
I was trying to purchase a app which I did not own before, so I went to the apstore, and started to try to update my credit card information.
Everything was fine until I had to enter the expiration date in the appstore.

It seems for me the item where I have to choose the year of expiration for my credit card is in accessible.
Sometimes I can set the expiration month but the expiration year did not succeed at all for me.
I can not trigger the apropriate cchooser with voiceover.
With or without a keyboard, nothing seems to work.

I am running I O S 8.02 on a I-phone 5 S.

Did someone experience the same issue like I did?
Is there a work around available?
I instaled the I-cloud for windows client but I did not found a way to update my payment information from there.

Hope someone can shed a light on this?

Thanks, Vincent.



Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hi. I'm pretty sure this was a focus issue because audo boo was doing much the game thing. If you update to IOS8.1 you should be ok. Second of all, if you don't want to update, do a three finger swipe either up or down and focus should go to the picker item. Ok third stupid question are you sure you hadn't hit down by accident? I only ask because I'm sure I could've done soemthing like that. :) if you'd like help via skype. contact me and I'll help. :)

Submitted by Steve Holmes on Thursday, October 23, 2014

A lot of bugs concerning bluetooth keyboards were fixed with iOS 8.1. If you want to use a wireless keyboard with any input activities, by all means update to 8.1. When I did, my Apple bluetooth keyboard began working perfectly again. Sorry, haven't input credit card info into iTunes or app store an a very long time.

Submitted by Scottie on Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hi Vincent, I couldn't enter the month or year either so had to log into the Apple Store directly from my Desktop computer where it was easily done with NVDA. Cheers Scottie

Submitted by Vincent van Itallie on Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ok, it seems after the update to I O S 8.1 I was still not able to fix this.

In the end I've used my macbook air to update appstore information and everything is fine now.

Thanks for all the pointers.