update tab not loading in the app store?

iOS & iPadOS
I have been having this problem since a couple of days now,where if I double tap on the update tab it just shows a heading named updates,and that's it. I have restarted the phone,waited a few minutes,connected it to my wifi just in case my 3g was acting up,no go. I have even turned off vo and had a friend tap the updates tab, they said that it loaded for a while then nothing. just the heading and nothing in the updates. The update tab does show I have 8 updates available,though. Anyone else experienceing this problem? any suggestions that you could provide on this would be awesome. Thanks, Falcon wings.



Submitted by Brooke on Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've noticed the same thing. For me, it hasn't been consistent. The first time it happened, I waited a few hours and then tried again, and I was able to update. But it seems to happen once every few days, and I have no idea why.