Update notes for Yes Chef: what do others think?

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all,
I've just updated the Yes Chef app to the latest version 1.3.8. Although the app still has some issues, especially understanding my East London English accent, I still believe that it is a good app for blind people who cook.
However, I read the release notes for this latest version and the developers have said that 1.3.8 is the last planned update. Although the app was free, I believe that it is not good practice to design an app, which is expensive and time consuming, and then after less than a year suggest that there are no further updates planned. What do others think about such practices?
As blind and partially sighted users of IOS apps, it appears that we suffer from these problems far too often. For example, the very useful Money Reader has not been updated for some time and I know that the app will no longer identify Scottish banknotes whilst the new UK five pound note is identified as either a 20 or 50 pound note. Not good when fifty pounds is equal to sixty US dollars!




Submitted by Stephen yerardi on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I just tried using the app, and it does not seem to be recognizing any voice commands it makes the toll that it is listening though I get it to say chef but then it's not recognizing any of the commands to start going through putting the recipe or skipping the tutorial, is it not compatible with iOS 10.3.1,
I did like the app but now as I said it's not working.

Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hi all. What I mean by my somewhat harsh subject line, is as follows. first, for the person who thinks it may not be compatible with IOS 10.3, I think that would mean then that the app would give you a warning when opened, saying the app needs to be developed. Second, I think a lot of us, like an app, use it, but probably don't take the time to try to review it or even contact the developers. Think about it. How would you feel, after putting hard work on the app, to either get little response from the app store review system, or you don't get even a hey this is a great app thanks, email? I'm suggesting if we all took a moment to say to a developer, this is a great app,t hanks for taking us into considweration, ther'es no limit to how far. sure, we jump on the "It's not accessible", bandwaggon. I've done it, and seen it done countless times. The truth is that probably .001 percent of developers know this site exists let alone what Voice Over is. Time will tell whether the app is updated or yanked from the app store. Here's hoping we start taking developers seriously. If they did things so we can use something to help inprove our lives, I say it's not to difficult to offer constructive criticism.

Submitted by Remy on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Enough said. We need to show our support for what we like alongside airing our grievences when things don't work right. I'm guilty of this too, honestly. No excuses; just lazy. it's pretty common, and it needs to change. This genuinely is a great app, whether you're blind or not, and the developer should be made aware that people appreciate their hard work.