Update to IBlink Radio App Allows Access to DVS Content While On the Go

iOS & iPadOS
Morning all, I posted the below as a follow-up comment to a forum post. This is really cool news, so I'm reposting it here for those who may not have been following the Apple TV thread: Serotek has recently released an update to their IBlink Radio app, which now allows their customers to access Samnet content from their I-Devices. I have used this feature quite a bit while at home and on the go, to listen to audio-described movies and TV shows. It's awesome! I really haven't had any problems with buffering, even while streaming content over the cell network, and the player remembers your place in a show between settings. To find this new feature, go to the Samnet Sampler option, then to the connect to Samnet link. After logging in for the first time, the Connect to Samnet option will show up on the main screen, and will not require you to log in again. Happy listening!



Submitted by Vash Rein on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This is great news. I just installed it and am using it. It works really well and provides everything that samnet offers. I am a samnet subscriber and find it incredibly useful. If they just tweaked the screenreader a tiny bit, I would prefer it over Jaws as it is more usable than jaws on many websites these days.