Update on Braigo Companion, a new iOS app that finds and reads text contained in images

iOS and iPadOS

Hello AppleVis!!

I'm writing to give you an update on something that was posted to the Gen. Chat thread a few months ago about an article on TechCrunch about an app by Braigo Labs, that reads memes & how it was in beta!

Well, I'm like quite a few of you $ have an account & presence on social media which for me is in the form of a Facebook account. If you're like me, you've probably been tagged in a meme, or someone shared a meme & you've had to politetly comment or tell your friends/family to please describe it for you! It irritated me, but I got to participate kind of.

Jump ahead a few months, I got an email from Braigo jhat had the news I've been waiting for! It said the Braigo Companion was on the app store! WHOOP WHOOP! I jumped on it right away & since it was a free download, I inatched it up!

It's gone through updates & I can safely say after having a bit of experience, (almost 2 momths), I love it! It's free, & accessible & it can tell you what the image is & what the text is on the image that screen readers cannot read.

I don't have the link for it, but you can read about it $ listen to a video on how thii app works, & read about it on www.braigolabs.com.


I will caution you that depending on what service you're using, how you upload photos to them will be different! It's still knew but I thought it time to talk after using the app for a while. Haven't played with everything on it, but it's promosing.

You can subscribe to RSS. feeds, look at images that have been uploaded, print & share those images on social media & more.

I'm debating on whether I should put an entry in the ios. app directory yet or not. But there's too much to post here. Not sure what countries it works with, but I'd check if it works where you live or not.

I figured I'd update every one on this wonderful, exciting app!