Upcoming podcast: Noatikl

iOS and iPadOS
This is for all of you music lovers out there. I'm going to be doing a podcast on another generative music app that I found. It's called Noatikl. The app is free, but if you want to Be able to save the files you make with it, you have to pay $10. What would help me most is if you would all tinker around with it and tell me what you want to learn. I learn a lot faster than most people, at least when it comes to technology related things like new apps, so even though I just started this last night I Am already sure I can teach a lot of it to you. From what I've seen, the app is at least 95% accessible. The only reason I say that it's only 95% accessible is because you can't do things like drawing envelopes for volume and pan, But they do have presets that you can use for those things, so it doesn't really matter that much. If one of you could also do me a favor and submit the app to the site, that would be helpful, since I will be devoting all my free time to learn everything I can about the app. I want to warn you before you even get the app that it is extremely complicated. It's accessible, but it is complex! If you have a low frustration tolerance, don't even try to tackle it. Just get the app and load one of the two preset files and play it. That will give you an idea of what It can sound like. This is by far the most powerful musical generative app I've seen today. I hope you all enjoy it! By the way, this is not a composition tool. You have a certain song in mind, this won't help you write that song. For that, you need tools like GarageBand. This is more like being a conductor of an orchestra, where you set up Rules that you want your song to be governed by, then listen to the result.


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